Philippines – HP recently launched its latest line of affordable and reliable Smart Tank printers, in time for the new school year. Designed specifically to cater to the printing needs of students and parents on a budget, these printers offer affordability, high-quality printing, long-lasting ink, and user-friendly features. If you’re looking for a reliable and convenient printer for families, these HP Smart Tank printers are a great choice. With standard print, scan, and copy functions and multifunction capabilities, you’ll be able to print from anywhere with the HP Smart app.

The new HP Smart Tank printers include the Smart Tank 210, Smart Tank 520, and Smart Tank 580. These printers jacked up to enhance user productivity and deliver exceptional print quality, providing students with the tools they need to excel academically.

HP Smart Tank 580: Uninterrupted Printing for Productive Students – Stay ahead of your schoolwork with the Smart Tank 580, equipped with a long-lasting ink system, empowering students to excel in their academic endeavors without worrying about running out of ink at crucial times.

HP Smart Tank 210: Crisp and Clear Printing Made Easy – Experience exceptional print quality with the Smart Tank 210, capable of producing documents with up to 1200 dpi resolution, ensuring every detail is captured vividly.
HP Smart Tank 520: The Perfect Printing Companion for Students – With its sleek design and versatile functionality, this new printer from HP offers students a reliable all-in-one solution for all their printing, copying, and scanning needs.

Dependable functionality, maximum flexibility
The Smart Tank 210 is a versatile printer that allows users to print documents with up to 1200 dpi resolution. It ensures a seamless and clarity in the printing experience. The wireless printing capabilities, include Apple AirPrint, Mopria Print Service, Wi-Fi Direct Printing and the convenient HP Smart App that helps students batch scan their school documents, scan and make it into text, or help with designing print projects with printables feature. All of this is carried through the HP Smart App providing convenient multifunction options for printing from various devices, giving students maximum flexibility.

For students requiring additional functionality, the Smart Tank 520 and Smart Tank 580 offer printing, copying, and scanning capabilities. These printers are suitable for handling various school-related printing tasks.

Long-lasting ink system
A standout feature of these new Smart Tank printers is their long-lasting ink system. Unlike traditional cartridges, these printers use ink tanks that hold more ink, ensuring a consistent supply for extended periods. This means students need not worry anymore about running out of ink in the middle of an important project or assignment. These printers provide uninterrupted printing, allowing students to focus on their work without interruptions, ultimately helping them stay ahead in their academic pursuits.

Intuitive design plus a user-friendly interface
Setting up and using these printers is a breeze, even for first-time users. With their intuitive design and user-friendly interface, students can get them up and running in no time. The printers come with easy-to-follow instructions, eliminating any hassle during the setup process.

You don’t have to worry if your printer runs issues overtime. With the 2-year onsite warranty, you can easily contact HP customer support and have an HP Representative go to your location to fix it. Hassle-free, warranty at your doorstep!

A truly cost-effective solution, these new HP Smart Tank printers were designed to be affordable without compromising on quality or functionality, making them the perfect choice for cost-conscious students and parents.

To experience the reliability, affordability, and exceptional quality of the HP Smart Tank printers, visit the official HP flagship store on Lazada or the HP official store on Shopee